Cost Effective Plates

Flexographic printing in flexible packaging offers a myriad of advantages, with affordability taking center stage. 

The key to its cost-effectiveness lies in the flexo plates, which are notably economical compared to other printing methods. These plates can be produced swiftly and at a lower cost, making flexography an attractive choice for businesses looking to maximize their budget without compromising on print quality. 

The affordability of flexo plates extends beyond the initial investment, as their durability and versatility contribute to longer plate life and the ability to print on various substrates. 

BOBST VISION CI Flexo press 08.10.2019_89120
BOBST VISION CI Flexo press 08.10.2019_89124

Adoption of the ECG Colour Process

With the adoption of the Expanded Gamut Color (ECG) spectrum for flexible packaging we will be offering our clients a perfect blend of efficiency and visual excellence. One standout advantage is the time saved during job changeovers. The ECG spectrum allows printers to achieve a broader range of colors with just a few fixed inks, minimizing the need for constant adjustments between jobs. This streamlined process translates to significant time savings, enhancing overall productivity. Furthermore, the beauty and accuracy of color registration in ECG printing are unparalleled. The system ensures precise color reproduction, creating stunning and consistent results. This not only elevates the visual appeal of flexible packaging but also instills confidence in brand presentation. In the fast-paced world of printing, embracing the ECG spectrum proves to be a strategic move, combining efficiency with impeccable print quality.

Faster Turn-Around Times

Embracing flexographic printing is a strategic leap towards faster turnarounds and heightened efficiency for your orders. Flexo’s inherent simplicity and versatility significantly reduce setup times, allowing for swift job changeovers. The quick-drying nature of flexo inks accelerates the overall production process, ensuring that your orders move seamlessly through the printing pipeline. Whether you’re running short print runs or large-scale productions, the speed at which flexo operates translates directly to reduced lead times. Emphasizing on the agility of flexographic printing, this shift promises not just faster results, but a competitive edge in meeting tight deadlines and exceeding customer expectations with prompt and reliable deliveries.

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Inspection Re-Winder

Ideal for Print Quality Assurance

Richflex is proud to introduce the WIR REV Web Inspection Rewinder, an advanced solution designed to ensure the highest standards in print quality. This machine offers three modes of defect detection and full-speed reversibility, all within an ergonomic layout, enabling precise positioning and editing of print defects while optimizing waste management. This versatile machine is an essential addition to any modern printing operation, providing both reliability and efficiency.